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{SHer} noun

A part or portion of a larger amount that is divided among a number of people, or to which a number of people contribute. Part proprietorship of property held by joint owners.

The 2015-2016 edition of Share is on campus now.

Share Art and Literary Magazine is Kennesaw State University’s award-winning art and literary journal. We showcase the best of original art and literature by the KSU community for the KSU community. Submissions are provided by students, faculty, and alumni, and judged by the student staff of Share.

Our magazine is free to the KSU community, so be sure to look for the publication on our campuses.

All current Kennesaw State students, alumni, and staff are encouraged to submit their photography, digital art, paintings, poetry, prose, short stories, essays, scripts, designs, music, etc. If accepted, your work will be presented to the KSU community uncensored.


Kennesaw State University’s Department of Student Media (KSUSM) oversees the student organizations that are the student newspaper, The Sentinel, Sting Lifestyle Magazine, Share Art & Literary Magazine, and Owl Radio, KSU’s streaming station, as well as their online counterparts. KSUSM also manages all other revenue raising functions such as advertising and underwriting. KSUSM is part of the Division of Student Affairs and our media organizations are part of KSU’s 200 student groups and clubs. Share is on the second floor of the James V. Carmichael Student Center, Room 277 on the Kennesaw Campus.


KSU Student Media is dedicated to the support and encouragement of responsible, ethical media to connect, explore and enrich the lives of the university’s many constituencies. It provides an open forum to the campus community for the free expression and exchange of ideas, concerns, issues, trends, and information, and outlets for the KSU community. KSU Student Media provides opportunities for interested students to learn and practice skills in art, journalism, design, production, photography, editing, business, advertising, web authoring, broadcasting, new media and management in a “true to life” setting. It encourages the values of integrity, tenacity, creativity and honesty in the pursuit of excellence.


Share Art & Literary Magazine
Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw Campus
Room 281, MD#0501
395 Cobb Ave NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144


Editorial: ksushare.com

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Share Office: 470-578-6470
KSUSM Main: 470-578-6470

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