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{ˈlidərəCHər,ˈlidərəˌCHo͝or} noun

Written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit. Synonyms: written works, writings, writing, creative writing, literary texts, compositions; informal lit.

Deadline for Spring 2015 submissions has passed. Writers may still submit for future publications.


All poetry submissions must be under 300 lines. Short stories and essays should be under 3000 words.

Submit your works in Times New Roman font and include a title. We do not accept anonymous or untitled work. Please do not place personal information inside the submission.

The number of works that can be submitted are unlimited, however, we can only publish three (3) pieces per author due to limited space. If more than three per author passes through our judging process, the author will be contacted so they can choose which three they would like our judges to consider.

Share Magazine employs the “double-blind” judging method; identifiers are removed from submissions throughout the judging to avoid bias. Because our decision making process is anonymous, we DO NOT show favoritism towards any individual or work submitted for consideration.


• Literary work contained in Share’s print version is placed according to content and is not intended to specifically illustrate any artwork or vice versa. Share may edit literary work to better serve the magazine’s needs in terms of size or composition with textural elements. We encourage writers and poets to contact us if they find this policy unacceptable prior to submitting.

• All artists and contributors retain the rights to their work, though Share reserves the right to print and reprint all submissions.

• Every submission to Share Art and Literary Magazine MUST include the signed Release Form to be considered for publication. The Release Form can be found in the submission form below. You may also drop off your Release Form at the KSU Student Media office, Student Center Rm. 277.

• Deadline for Spring 2015 semester literary submissions has passed. Students may still submit for future publications.

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Literature Title


Type of Literature


Word Count


Date Created


Literature Upload

Please take this time to double-check that your name is not on your submission document!

Please use a .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.


Release Form

Click here to download the release form.

Fill out and submit the form in PDF format. You may also drop off your Release Form at the KSU Student Media office, Student Center Rm. 277.


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If you have any issues with the form, please use the contact form to email the webmaster.

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