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{ˈärtˌwərk} noun

Illustrations, photographs, or other nontextual material prepared for inclusion in a publication. Paintings, drawings, or other artistic works.

The 2016-2017 edition deadline for art is Friday, Jan. 13, 2017 at 5pm. All artwork submissions must include:
  • title (please do not submit untitled work)
  • type of medium
  • dimensions
  • date of creation

All images must be at least 300 dpi and in JPEG or TIF format. If you cannot submit a 300 dpi piece in the upload form, please let us know, upload a smaller file, and we will contact you for the larger one. Three-dimensional pieces must have a minimum of two (2) different views of the work.

We prefer to see art photography, not your vacation snapshots, so please carefully consider the artistic merits of your work before submitting.

The number of works that can be submitted are unlimited, however, we will only publish three (3) pieces per artist. If more than three pieces per artist passes through our judging process, you will be asked to choose which three you would like our judges to consider.

Share Magazine employs the “double-blind” judging method; identifiers are removed from submissions throughout the judging to avoid bias. Because our decision making process is anonymous, we DO NOT show favoritism towards any individual or work submitted for consideration.


• Artwork contained in Share’s print and online versions are placed according to content and is not intended to specifically illustrate any literary work or vice versa. Share may edit artwork to better serve the magazine’s needs in terms of size or composition with textural elements. We encourage artists to contact us if they find this policy unacceptable prior to submitting.

• All artists and contributors retain the rights to their work, though Share reserves the right to print and reprint all submissions.

• Due to budget restraints, the 2016-2017 edition of Share will only be published online and not in print. Future editions may return to a print format if allotted budget improves. Contact us if you have questions.

• Every submission to Share Art and Literary Magazine MUST include the signed Release Form to be considered for publication. The Release Form can be found in the submission form below. You may also drop off your Release Form at the KSU Student Media office, Student Center Rm. 277.

• The 2016-2017 edition deadline for art & literature is Friday, Jan. 13, 2017 at 5pm.

Artist's Name







KSU Status


Artwork Title






Date Created


Art Upload

Upload max is 2MB. Please use .jpeg, .jpg, or .tif formats. If you have mulitple photos for your submission, please zip into one file with a .zip extention.


Release Form

Share Magazine is dedicated to publishing the creative and original writing and artwork of students at Kennesaw State University. The views and opinions displayed in this magazine may or may not reflect the opinions of the editors, staff, faculty advisor or others in the university community. Share respects and encourages the free expression of artistic talent for our individual contributors.

I understand that my literary or artwork composition submitted to Share may be used for publication in Share Art & Literary Magazine’s print and online editions. I affirm that the literary or artwork composition is original and of my creative effort. I agree not to hold the university or any agent of the university liable for any conflict, situation, or issue that may arise as the result of the publishing of my literary or artwork composition.

All literary, artwork, and digital work are self-expressions of those who created them and are not intended to represent the ideas or views of the Share staff or its advisors. They do not reflect the views of the KSU faculty, staff, administration, student body, KSU student publications board, or the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

Artwork contained in the magazine or on this site is not intended to specifically illustrate any literary work or vice versa, but may have been placed according to content. This includes editing art to better serve the magazine’s needs in terms of size or composition with textual elements.

Contributors retain the rights to their work, however, Share reserves the right to print and reprint all submissions. If you wish to reprint the piece you submitted to Share Magazine and your piece was accepted, you must indicate to the new publisher that the piece was first published by Share Art & Literary Magazine and include a credit line: "First appeared in an edition of Share Magazine at Kennesaw State University."

Artwork will be handled with all due care and respect, but no insurance coverage is provided by Share Magazine. Neither Share nor Kennesaw State may be held liable for loss of or damages to artwork. Do not submit originals without express permission of the editor in chief.

While we strive to be error-free, Share is not responsible for errors in content, reproduction or attribution in our publications.

Share’s student staff reserves the right to deny publication of works. Any works not accepted into the magazine do not need to follow the guidelines about including a credit line on reprinting. The release form is considered void.

This signed form must be included with all submissions. E-signatures are allowed.

~ I give Share Art & Literary magazine the permission to publish my work. I acknowledge by signing this form that the work I have submitted is my original work, and that I have read, understand and agree to all information on this form.

I agree to the Release Form.

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If you have any issues with the form, please use the contact form to email the webmaster.

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